Would you like to help create a historic steam locomotive? If so read on!

Steam engines can cost £millions but our budget for Mountaineer is about £250,000.

This is still a lot of money and most engineers create the cheaper items first.

However this is not the case with Mountaineer, we have already begun work on the most expensive component, the boiler. Orders have been placed with Israel Newton & Sons Ltd, and we expect to have made substantial progress before we launch this project at the Warley show on November 24th 2019.

While we would love to find wealthy benefactors, we are realistic and know that there will be a lot of people who can afford to help with a modest donation, in order to be part of this fantastic journey.

We value any donation no matter what its size. All contributors will have their name on the Mountaineer Hall of Fame and will be able to follow our build progress on our web site & Facebook presence.

We are designing award packages for those who can who can afford more will be given a free ride before the locomotive is shown to the public, and those who generously donate 10% of our target fund, become Directors with additional privilege's

The time is now November 2019 and we hope that the full build will be no more than 3 years. We have full support from the Ffestiniog Railway, who have generously allowed us access to original drawings, casting patterns & expertise.

There is only one known photograph of Mountaineer but several of The Princess, Mountaineers twin in early form.

Mountaineer is already attracting attention and not surprisingly the Ffestiniog Railway is keen to have the loco running at the 2023 Fest.

We anticipate that there will be lots of demand from other nominal 2' gauge heritage railways to have a new star for the weekend.

In addition we are planning to offer driver training, Wedding appearances and photo shoots. There will provide some income to fund and maintain the operation.

If you wish to help recreate Mountaineer as she was in 1863, then what you need to do is provide your contact details.