Our Commitment to You

Our aim is to reproduce Mountaineer 1863 as she was in her first year of service, carrying the large brass dome cover, Side tanks, open footplate, marine style connecting rods and rounded buffer beams.

We would like to see her run on the several 1'11 1/2” (nominal 2 foot) railways about the UK. It is hoped that Mountaineer will be invited to the many Heritage days festivals and special galas occurring annually around the country.

During the non-gala periods, we hope to enter the world of driver training, which will allow “hands on” experience for shareholders, friends, and followers.

It is proposed that the loco is built by NBR Engineering of Darlington, using traditional methods of construction to modern standards, whilst not altering the aesthetic of the loco. We will not undertake any work until we have the funds to complete that part of the project. Our current hope is that Mountaineer will be in steam by mid-2023 and looking like this:- but in what colour? Contact us and let us have your views.

George England-0-4-0TT No.3 Mountaineer