Lets build the boiler first!

It was decided that we would start with the construction of a brand new boiler, built to modern standards, but to original style and layout would be the first component of 1863 Mountaineer.

NBR Engineering of Darlington have produced drawings based to an original design (but to include the steam dome). These have been accepted by the relevant authority and approved for construction.

The internationally renowned firm of Israel Newton & Company have been commissioned to produce the two major parts of the firebox, these are the throat plate and backhead. These two components are now ready for assembly.

The next stage is to construct the shell of the boiler. Materials have been ordered and we should see signs of a recognisable boiler before Christmas 2019.

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How can I help? Is there anything can do?

To complete the boiler here is a list of components you can sponsor:

Boiler Tube£8383
Wash Out Plugs£666
Mud Hole Door£1403
Salter Valve£TBC1
Nabic Valve£TBC1
Steam Turret£TBC1
Salter Valve Cover£TBC1
Water Gauge Valves£TBC2
Water Gauge£TBC1