North Bay Engineering Services are doing superb work on the boiler and it is looking fantastic. Don't forget to visit their site.

Thank to all who visited our inaugural stand at Warley. We got lots of very supportive comments which is really encouraging. The aim was to collect contact details from those who wished to be kept in touch with the project. If you would like to be involved click on 'Join Us' or email the chairman.


Would you like to help create a historic steam locomotive? If so read on!

Back in 1863 the Ffestiniog Railway took delivery of the first of four engines from leading builder George England & Co. The first was Mountaineer with its three siblings, The Prince, The Princess and Palmerston. The last three were substantially modified out of recognition so much so that the original design has been lost. They amazingly still exist, but Mountaineer was worn out and was dismantled in 1879.

Our task is to build an accurate replica of the original design and allow Mountaineer to live again. The painting below is an accurate picture of what, with your help, we will create.

Festioniog Railway George England Loco 'Mountaineer (red) ref.433
If you would like to be part of this journey click here . If not, thank you for reading and please pass on the information to others.