1863 Mountaineer Loco Project

Building  an accurate replica of the original design to allow Mountaineer to live again!

The Connecting and Coupling Rod Challenge  

         Here we go again!  This  challenge is to raise funds for the production of two connecting and two coupling rods for Mountaineer.

            The original Marine style rods were forged at the Geo. England works. They are quite unusual, the rods are barrel shaped along their length and also barrel shaped in cross section, with width reducing flats on the facing sides.

            We will create replicas, to original specifications from the original drawings, but to modern standards, by CNC machining. David Rees of NBR Darlington and David Downes of Triotek, Washington have produced a machining programme to produce the four rods. We will  need £7,963 for the full set.  

            Our Frame Fundraiser saw us introduce an incentive scheme to cushion the financial impact a little,  with signed prints by Jonathan Clay. Its’ success has led us to try a new scheme to reward sponsors of the four con/coupling  rods.

            Triotek have been testing the machining program and have produced four 1/7th perfect replicas of the coupling rods in stainless steel. They are 9 inches long,  the unique character and detail of the originals is clearly seen. A beautiful bit of kit. There are only four made, there will be no more. Each one will be supplied on a wooden mount with an inscribed brass  plate.

           Here is the plan. Members and friends who contribute £100 or more to the Challenge will be entered into a draw for Rod 1.  When the total reaches £2000, the first draw will take place. This will be repeated with the next rod. And so on.

            Anyone wishing to sponsor £2000, will win one of the four rods automatically. The brass plate will be  personalised to the sponsor.

            Payments can be made via Paypal.me/1863mountaineer or direct to the bank, the account details are on the attached form. Please refer all payments ‘Con Rod Challenge’

            Thank you all for helping to get us this far, the project is gathering momentum in the rail press, the rolling chassis will launch us into the limelight. Please don't hesitate to call me on  01904 633000  or 07712584821 if  clarification is needed.